Are you getting the insight you need from your wildfire data?

Unleash the full potential of your data.      

As the threat of devastating wildfires looms large across the western United States yet again, electric utilities continue to look for proactive measures to mitigate their evolving risk and protect their infrastructure from the flames. This often means investing in technology like remote sensing systems, fault detectors, weather monitoring tools, or satellite imagery. 

But with every new piece of technology comes hundreds, if not thousands, of data points. As all this data accumulates, how can you use it as part of your overall risk assessment and make data-driven decisions that align your short-term metrics with your long-term objectives? 

Create value out of your data

Asset Investment Planning (AIP) software ingests data from a range of different sources and uses predictive analytics to simulate and forecast problems that allow you to map outcomes, trade-offs and results. Giving you the insight to prepare your utility for the unknown. 

Start making sense of the wildfire data you have so you can quantify your risk and see the impact of your decisions when it comes to investment, inspection and intervention planning. Ensuring that all the efforts you make are justifiable to regulators.   

Identify potential risks and vulnerabilities in your assets and infrastructure, then assess the probability and consequences of wildfires. 

Optimize the performance of your assets and infrastructure by simulating different scenarios, such as different maintenance schedules, capacity upgrades, or changes in operating conditions. 

Evaluate the costs and benefits of different options to identify the most cost-effective solutions that meet the required performance and risk management objectives. 

Wildfire mitigation planning (WMP) guidelines for electric utilities

Your wildfire risk is unique, so your mitigation plan should be too. But there are best practices you can follow. Use this blueprint as you develop your own response to the rising risk and losses associated with wildfires. 

With the help of DIREXYON, utilities can ensure the strategies they’re implementing help them achieve their business goals while staying compliant with regulations. 


Helping you overcome your critical infrastructure challenges, with long-term visibility on asset evolution and life-cycle risks for capital investment and maintenance strategies.

With data-driven insights, you’ll be able to compare all future investment outcomes and make the right decisions at the right time to preserve the safety, reliability, performance, and sustainability of all your assets. 

Looking to balance risk, costs, and the performance of your assets to optimize your capital investment planning

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